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Pass the Coffee Trivia
Today's Trivia Question:

Friday, December 12th-Question: Roughly 25% of North American families will have this as part of their dinner tonight. What? Answer: Salad!

Thursday, December 11th-Question: It'll only cost you about $3 to do THIS this year. What? Answer: Power your radio!

Wednesday, December 10th-Question: About 10% of us admit they will do this, this week. What? Answer: Take a peek at a Christmas gift!

Tuesday, December 9th-Question: Over the course of your lifetime, you'll use about 275 of these. What? Answer: Tubes of toothpaste!

Monday, December 8th-Question: According to a new survey, only 14% of Americans give this person a Christmas gift. Who? Answer: Their boss!

Friday, December 5th-Question: This was the most searched celebrity-related story online in 2014. What? Answer: The passing of Robin Williams!

Thursday, December 4th-Question: Walmart's top seller on Black Friday last year was towels; but on all other days of the year THIS was the retail chain's top-selling item. What? Answer: Bananas!

Wednesday, December 3rd-Question: When you buy one of THESE, it's at least 10-years-old. What? Answer: A Christmas Tree!

Tuesday, December 2nd-Question: CNN did a survey earlier this year that shows that about 40% of us have THIS in our hall or coat closet right now! What is it? Answer: Scrabble!

Tuesday, November 25th-Question: It's estimated that about one in three people did this domestic chore over the weekend. What? Answer: Cleaned the refrigerator!

Monday, November 24th-Question: 10 years ago we spent 38 minutes a week doing this. Now we spend nearly 90 minutes? Answer: Grocery shopping!

Friday, November 21st-Question: 1/3 of adults say they'd do this at work, if it was allowed. What? Answer: Take a nap!

Thursday, November 20th-Question: The number of American adults who have done this more than once has doubled since 1980. What? Answer: Been married more than once!

Wednesday, November 19th-Question: If you do THIS, you have a one in three chance of getting away with it. What? Answer: Lie on your resume!

Tuesday, November 18th-Question: When talking to other guys, 1 in 5 men refer to their wife as this. What? Answer: The boss!

Monday, November 17th-Question: A survey found out that 50% of men do THIS every weekend. What? Answer: Go to the hardware store!

Friday, November 14th-Question: On the new list of Top 10 Company Slogans, DeBeers is #1 with "A Diamond is Forever", #2 was Nike's "Just Do It" What was number 3 on the list? Answer: Got Milk?

Thursday, November 13th-Question: A recent study shows, unlike their parents, 60% of millennials (18 to 29 year olds) don't have one of these. What? Answer: A credit card!

Wednesday, November 12th-Question: On average you'll visit this place 16 times per year, where is it? Answer: The Post Office!

Tuesday, November 11th-Question:This store will make 40% of it's annual sales between now and January. What? Answer: Toys R Us!

Monday, November 10th-Question: A recent study says that a waitress can expect 19% more in tips if she does this... What is it? Answer: Wears red!

Friday, November 7th-Question: It may come as a surprise, but you'll eat 28 of these in your lifetime. What? Answer: Pigs!

Thursday, November 6th-Question: THIS has been voted the #1 rude behavior when it comes to cellphone etiquette. What? Answer: Using the speaker-phone in public!

Wednesday, November 5th-Question: According to a new survey more than half the population thinks this is their most attractive feature. What? Answer: Their smile!

Tuesday, November 4th-Question: A new survey says that making phone calls is now only the 5th most popular activity to do with your cell phone. What was number 4? Answer: Alarm clock!

Monday, November 3rd-Question: According to a recent poll, the average parent thinks 12 is the perfect age for THIS. What? Answer: Getting their own cell phone!

Friday, October 31st-Question: As of last year about 16% of kids have done this. (40 Years ago that number was 68%) What? Answer: Bobbing for apples!

Wednesday, October 29th-Question: On average, the people who have one, use it fewer than 2 times a week. What is it? Answer: Landline phone!

Tuesday, October 28th-Question: Women now do this 3 times as much as men. 50 years ago it was the opposite. What? Answer: Take photos!

Monday, October 27th-Question: This is just as likely as a criminal record to keep you from getting a job. What? Answer: A goofy email address!

Friday, October 24th-Question: 47% of us eat this treat in one bite, the rest take at least two. What is it? Answer: Candy Corn!

Thursday, October 23rd-Question: American women go here 37% more than American men do. Where? Answer: Doctor's office!

Wednesday, October 22nd-Question: 51% of people who have these have never used them. What are they? Answer: Sunroof or convertible top!

Tuesday, October 21st-Question: Online searches for this are up 1000% this year. What's the search? Answer: Ebola.

Monday, October 20th-Question: Research shows that live-in boyfriends will do this more often than husbands. What? Answer: Housework!

Friday, October 17th-Question: The average woman does this about 6 times a day; that's about twice as much as the average man. What? Answer: Apologizes!

Thursday, October 16th-Question: A new study finds that a slow computer is the most annoying thing at work. What was number 2? Answer: Someone eating your food!

Wednesday, October 15th-Question: 512 of these make up a pound. What? Answer: Plain M&Ms!

Tuesday, October 14th-Question: If you have a full-time job, odds are you'll do this 3 times today at your job. What? Answer: Refill your coffee cup!

Monday, October 13th-Question: According to research, which household appliance lasts the longest? Answer: Electric Hand Mixer!

Friday, October 10th-Question: Americans spent $1.5 billion on these items this year, something they could not have done before the year 2000. What? Answer: Single serve coffee or K-cups!

Thursday, October 9th-Question: According to a new survey, 72% of American adults have bought one of these even though they couldn't pronounce it. What? Answer: A bottle of wine!

Wednesday, October 8th-Question: 1000 married people were surveyed and 20% admitted they spend money on this without telling their spouse. What? Answer: Gambling!

Tuesday, October 7th-Question: Research finds that like yawning, this behavior is contagious. What? Answer: Checking your cell phone!

Monday, August 18th-Question: From NatGeo's The 90s: The Last Great Decade-What television event caused the most unproductive half-hour in U.S. history? Answer: !

Friday, August 15th-Question: A new study says there's been a 50% increase in online searches for this. What are people looking to do illegally? Answer: Downloading pirated books!

Thursday, August 14th-Question: More than a quarter of a million Americans stopped doing this over the last 3 months. What? Answer: Paying for cable/satellite TV!

Wednesday, August 13th-Question: According to a new survey, 9 out of 10 people say they'd switch to a new cell phone if it had this. What? Answer: Longer battery life!

Tuesday, August 12th-Question: Over half of us say this is the most annoying thing a restaurant server does. What? Answer: Ask how your food is before you've eaten any of it!

Friday, August 1st-Question: The cost of this back to school item has gone up 800% in the last 30 years. What? Answer: Textbooks!

Thursday, July 31st-Question: For the last 2 years, sales of this toy have continued to fall and in just the last quarter, fallen some 15%! What toy? Answer: Barbie!

Wednesday, July 30th-Question: This drink was created by accident at the 1904 World's Fair in Saint Louis. What? Answer: Iced tea!

Tuesday, July 29th-Question: 63% of men say they have never used one of these. What? Answer: A shoehorn!

Monday, July 28th-Question: One third of newlyweds say they miss this the most from their single days. What? Answer: Having their own bathroom!

Friday, July 25th-Question: 23% of these special occasions happen in July...which makes it the most popular month for the event. What? Answer: Class reunions!

Thursday, July 24th-Question: About half of women, but only 38% of men, do this everyday. What? Answer: Take a vitamin!

Wednesday, July 23rd-Question: The very first one of these was 2 pounds and 9 inches long. What? Answer: A cell phone!

Tuesday, July 22nd-Question: According to a new study, doctors get this wrong over 90% of the time. What? Answer: The expected due date!

Monday, July 21st-Question: In a new survey, 3 out of 4 wives said they wished their husband did more of this. What? Answer: Hold hands!

Thursday, July 17th-Question: It's estimated that the extra weight of THIS cost airlines $1 million dollars per year. What? Answer: Cell phones!

Wednesday, July 16th-Question: 10 billion of these are thrown away every year and not even used. What? Answer: Ketchup packets!

Tuesday, July 15th-Question: According to Men's Health Magazine, 1 in 3 guys say they can't go without this for a week. What is it? Answer: Pizza!

Monday, July 14th-Question: Men use about 90% of this on vacation, women use about 60%. What is it? Answer: The clothes they packed!

Friday, July 11th-Question: Men say the most annoying habit that women do in the house is this...? Answer: Leaving hair in the drain!

Thursday, July 10th-Question: 43% of couples have had a heated argument regarding the proper way to do this. What? Answer: Load the dishwasher!

Wednesday, July 9th-Question: 37% of women say this is the most important thing to take on vacation. What? Answer: Comfy pajamas!

Tuesday, July 8th-Question: Even though it puts them at risk, it's estimated that over half of all Americans ignore this safety warning and still don't do this. What? Answer: They don't wash their produce!

Monday, July 7th-Question: According to a new survey, the #1 thing that women want men to stop packing for vacation is this. What? Answer: Shirts with inappropriate, tacky slogans!

Friday, July 4th-Question: No question today. Happy Independence Day!

Thursday, July 3rd-Question: Now 33% of all divorce filings contain THIS word. What? Answer: Facebook!

Wednesday, July 2nd-Question: Consumers recently ranked THIS as the most patriotic brand in America. What brand? Answer: Jeep!

Tuesday, July 1st-Question: The Average American will consume about 23 of these a year. What? Answer: Sticks of butter!

Monday, June 30th-Question: Only one in five working adults can do this regularly in the morning. What? Answer: Wake up without an alarm!

Friday, June 27th-Question: This involves a man eight out of every ten times it happens. What? Answer: Lightning strike!

Thursday, June 26th-Question: According to new statistics, other than the AC, this is the item that uses the most electricity in your house. What? Answer: Cable box/DVR!

Wednesday, June 25th-Question: 2012 was the first year more women than men purchased these. What? Answer: A tattoo!

Tuesday, June 24th-Question: According to a new survey, the average 18-34 year old spends just under 3 hours a day using these. What? Answer: Headphones!

Monday, June 23rd-Question: Montana is the only state in the Union with absolutely no state law restricting this. What? Answer: Texting while driving!

Friday, June 20th-Question: Despite a significant price hike, sales of this food item actually grew over the last year. What food? Answer: Bacon!

Thursday, June 19th-Question: Almost 40% of married couples say if they could, there's one thing they would change about their wedding. What is it? Answer: The song for the first dance!

Tuesday, June 17th-Question: The average one of these costs four times as much as it did 25 years ago- but it's half the size. What is it? Answer: A bikini!

Monday, June 16th-Question: This company owns and cares for 250 animals to help promote their business. Who is it? Answer: Budweiser! Anheuser-Busch owns a total of about 250 Clydesdales, one of the largest herds of them in the world!

Friday, June 13th-Question: Once purchased, almost 20% of these are never used. What? Answer: Postage stamps!

Thursday, June 12th-Question: A little over half of men still have this from their childhood. What? Answer: Baseball glove!

Wednesday, June 11th-Question: The Wall Street Journal recently published a list of obsolete jobs. What job topped the list? Answer: Milkman!

Tuesday, June 10th-Question: In a new survey, one in four guys admitted they really don't know how to use one of these. What? Answer: A dishwasher!

Monday, June 9th-Question: 47% of adults have never done this for their significant other. What? Answer: Breakfast in bed!

Friday, June 6th-Question: Survey of flight attendants. What's the worst thing people do on flights? Answer: Clip their toenails!

Thursday, June 5th-Question: Half of us have someone else do it for us, 37% of us do it ourselves and 14% of us never do it. What is it? Answer: Wash our car!

Wednesday, June 4th-Question: In a survey of single adults, most women have 4 of these, while most men have just 2. What? Answer: Pillows!

Tuesday, June 3rd-Question: It's estimated that people do this in their car 12% more than they did five years ago. What is it? Answer: Honk the horn!

Monday, June 2nd-Question: New parents will spend an average of 45 hours doing this. What? Answer: Choosing the child's name!


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