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Pass the Coffee Trivia
Today's Trivia Question:

Thursday, April 24th-Question: From the late 1960's until the early 1990's, over 25 million bottles of this was sold yearly. It's still available today, but sells far fewer than before. What is it? Answer: Correction fluid/liquid paper!

Wednesday, April 23rd-Question: 93% of households have one of these, almost always located in the kitchen. What? Answer: Junk drawer!

Tuesday, April 22nd-Question: Over 1/3 of us will do this for good luck when given the chance. What? Answer: Pick up a penny heads up!

Monday, April 21st-Question: Dog owners name their pets after this food more than any other. What food? Answer: Oreo!

Friday, April 18th-Question: Almost half the folks who have signed up for this have never actually used it. What? Answer: Twitter!

Thursday, April 17th-Question: The Apple iPhone is the second best selling product of all time. What is the first? Answer: The Rubik's Cube!

Tuesday, April 15th-Question: The average person has 8 of these that they got for free. What are they? Answer: Coffee mugs!

Monday, April 14th-Question: According to the latest research, it is proven that people who do this at least once a month have less stress in their life. What is it? Answer: Go to the movies!

Friday, April 11th-Question: A woman will do this about 43,000 times before she dies. For a man, it's about 5000 times. What? Answer: Try on clothes!

Thursday, April 10th-Question: According to a new poll, "What did you try once and then quit forever?" The number one answer was "rollerblading". What was number 2? Answer: Golf!

Wednesday, April 9th-Question: 44% of kids have one of these and two thirds of them hate it. What? Answer: A nickname!

Tuesday, April 8th-Question: In a new survey, over a quarter of women said they wished their man did not own this. What? Answer: A set of golf clubs!

Monday, April 7th-Question: By 2018, all new cars sold in the US will be required to have this. What? Answer: A rear-view camera!


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